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QuickBooks 2012 – Loaded with New Features!


QuickBooks is headed to stores near you! Intuit just announced the release of QuickBooks 2012 and will be available for purchase at the end of the month. QuickBooks 2012 is loaded with new features! These tools will not only save you time, but will help keep your small business organized, and will provide your small business with better financial reporting options. Read on to see if QuickBooks 2012 is right for your small business.

  1. Organizational Tools

    • New Calendar Functions
      New and improved calendar features allow small business owners to view appointments, set payroll tax reminders, estimated quarterly estimated tax payment reminders, bill due dates, invoicing reminders, and to-do lists. An easy way to keep your calendar all in one place!
    • A Lead Center
      An entire center dedicated to tracking, following up, and keeping track of your potential customers! Great new tool incorporating CRM features into QuickBooks.
    • An Improved Document Center
      This new QuickBooks feature is my favorite! QuickBooks 2012 allows users to attach supporting documentation to your QuickBook transactions and save them directly to your local computer! No more Intuit external storage limits or data storage fees. The document center is an easy way to organize and create a paperless accounting system. Keep your bills, deposits, W-9’s, business cards, bank statements, contracts, agreements, etc. all in one place – in QuickBooks!
  2. Financial Reporting Made Easier

    • User Generated Reports
      Custom financial reports just got easier! QuickBooks 2012 includes a feature allowing small business owners to search a library or more than 1,000 custom, user-generated reports. This is a great way to see what numbers your competition is looking at and what reports accountants are preparing for their clients.
    • Improved Excel Integration
      Don’t you hate it when you spend your precious time formatting QuickBooks exported reports in Excel, only to have to reformat the report again next month? Intuit heard your calls for help and offered small business owners a solution in QuickBooks 2012. Now you can format your reports in Excel, save the report, and next month you can import new data to the report while keeping your personalized formatting options in place.
  3. Save Time

    • One-Click Transactions
      Save time by entering customer data once. Your customer’s information will now be available in various QuickBooks transaction forms.
    • Batch Invoicing for Time & Expenses
      Provides small business owners with the ability to invoice multiple customers for time and expenses all at once, using the improved QuickBooks batch invoicing feature. Please note, this is not available with QuickBooks Pro 2012.
    • Batch Timesheets
      Everyone can benefit from payroll time saving features! The Batch Timesheets feature will allow entreprenerus the ability to process multiple employee and vendor timesheets in a batch. A great time saving tool for those employees and vendors who work the same hours.
  4. Improved Inventory Center
    Intuit has added some much desired inventory improvements. QuickBooks 2012 includes an inventory center, centralizing all inventory functions to one center. If your small business is interested in accounting for your inventory on the FIFO (first-in first-out) method or you need the ability to track inventory based on serial numbers, check out QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Keep in mind you will also need to subscribe to Intuit’s Advanced Inventory Feature for these inventory tools to work with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

As you can see, QuickBooks 2012 is loaded with new features! Small business owners, entrepreneurs, homepreneurs, and mompreneurs can all benefit from the time saving, improved organizational tools, better financial reporting options, and updated inventory center options included with QuickBooks 2012. Please note, this blog post only relates to the US version of QuickBooks 2012 and may not include all the new features. Please contact Intuit for more information about QuickBooks 2012.


Michelle Edwards, CPA - QuickBooks Consultant Written by Michelle Edwards, CPA
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Michelle is the owner of Trailhead Accounting Solutions CPA, LLC, an Erie, CO based CPA firm focused on providing small and mid-sized businesses with day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping, and business solutions. Michelle is a CFO turned consultant who loves working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. When she’s not crunching numbers, she can be found hiking, remote camping, gardening, quilting, and hanging out with her family.